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Re: Canon is Substance; Sony is Hype

Ryanide wrote:

This highlights one of the problems with the argument for switching to Sony: for most it's not grounded in any good reality, but it's just reacting to the hype. Sony is good at manufacturing hype based on spec sheets, and this is one more component of the Sony trap.

Reviewers fall for it, because their job depends on having something to hype, and that depends on new equipment with long spec sheets.

I don't blame the consumers; that's the way it's always been. Most people buy anything or everything based on emotion and perception, not facts and reason...it's just the way it is. But before one invests a lot of money into any camera system one should be careful.

I wonder if this person has even touched any of the Sony cameras? Because these cameras are not 'just good on spec sheets' once you shoot with them and see the images on screen. The detail and quality in the a7RIII is astonishing.

Yes, I have tried out a few Sony cameras, including the a7Riii.  I thought "never again."  Literally.  It was an awful experience.  It felt cheap, much less well built than a Canon or Nikon.  The EVF looked awful to me, and I've also used Fuji, and their EVF's seemed far better.

The controls on the Sony are mushed too close together, and of course, that menu system is a nightmare.

The colors OOC were really bad, and I tried to fix all types of settings in camera and nothing seemed to work very well.

I am sure I could learn the camera and do better, but it is not worth that effort.  I have tried many cameras and brands, and the Sony ranks literally last for me in terms of user experience. I shoot for the joy of it, and so what's the point if the basic tool is a dud to use?

As to the detail of the files, well that is a result of the high megapixels.  I too can get "astonishing" detail from the files of a 5DSR and D850 or the Fuji GFX 50s. Don't need Sony for that.

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