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Canon is Substance; Sony is Hype

David Pavlich wrote:

PJC Imagery wrote:

My issue is I'm accustom to Canon being the front runner in the industry. Way back when I had my ae-1, Canon was leading, then my T-90 Canon was leading, then eos elan 7, then my 20D, then my 40D, then my 7D & 6D. I always, up until now felt like Canon was the bomb and they always had a camera in my price range that I felt really good about buying. All those Canon cameras I had, were in my humble opinion leading the industry at their price point. It's just not so right now.

Right now, for me, the last 5 years Canon lagging further and further behind both Nikon and Sony. I just don't see Canon in the same light, they used to be the bomb. Now I look at them as the dud.

So now that you perceive Canon as a slacker, your photographic skills are being compromised? That you've suddenly become a less than good photographer? That you can no longer take terrific shots with your 6D? That your priority is to shoot with what you think is the best camera in the field and if you're not, your doing a lousy job? Canon's a dud so you've lost your touch?

Perhaps you need to rethink why your using your camera in the first place.


This highlights one of the problems with the argument for switching to Sony: for most it's not grounded in any good reality, but it's just reacting to the hype.  Sony is good at manufacturing hype based on spec sheets, and this is one more component of the Sony trap.

Reviewers fall for it, because their job depends on having something to hype, and that depends on new equipment with long spec sheets.

I don't blame the consumers; that's the way it's always been. Most people buy anything or everything based on emotion and perception, not facts and reason...it's just the way it is.  But before one invests a lot of money into any camera system one should be careful.

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