Marumi Exus vs Hoya Fusion Circular Polarising filters

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Marumi Exus vs Hoya Fusion Circular Polarising filters

Hi All,

Just trying to figure out which Polarising filter would work the best without introducing too much darkness or altering the colours i.e. introducing unwanted hues to shadows or altering the colour temperature etc.

Here's a list of what I own:

Filters I am considering:

Prices as on Amazon UK, as on 23rd April 2018

After a bit of research, I found a comparison between 3 of the filters on, which I don't think I fully understand.

Looking at the Transmission Curves and values, I think:

  • Marumi Exus allows for maximum light to pass through @ 43.77%
  • Hoya Fusion and Marumi Fit+Slim have similar curves
  • Exus and Fit+Slim change the colours of the incoming light, especially RED and Green. Exus changes the light more than Fit+Slim
  • Hoya Fusion keep the light more or less the same for Red and Green but changes blue light quite a bit
  • Hoya Fusion is also much darker than Exus, quite close to Fit+Slim

Marumi EXUS Circular P.L

  • Red color extinction coefficient: 4.38e-2; Score: 0.5/4
  • Green color extinction coefficient: 7.56e-4; Score: 3/4
  • Blue color extinction coefficient: 7.12e-3; Score: 1/4
  • Mean transmission of the whole spectrum: 43.77% Score: 3/3
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Hoya Fusion Antistatic CIR-PL

  • Red color extinction coefficient: 1.06e-4; Score: 3.5/4
  • Green color extinction coefficient: 1.35e-4; Score: 3.5/4
  • Blue color extinction coefficient: 7.35e-3; Score: 1/4
  • Mean transmission of the whole spectrum: 33.45% Score: 1.69/3


Marumi FIT+SLIM Circular PL

  • Red color extinction coefficient: 5.25e-4; Score: 3/4
  • Green color extinction coefficient: 5.03e-4; Score: 3/4
  • Blue color extinction coefficient: 1.20e-2; Score: 0.5/4
  • Mean transmission of the whole spectrum: 31.14% Score: 1.23/3

Can someone have a look at the above and help me make some sense out of the numbers and graphs to make my final decision please? What confuses me further is the scoring for extension coefficient is not consistent when u compare the 3 filters. For e.g.

Fit+Slim: Blue Extinction Coefficient is scored at 0.5/4 with a value of 1.2 (my understanding is irrespective of the colour, the smaller the value for extinction coefficient, lower the change of deviation of colour from source). So from that point of view, the score should be higher. See Hoya's Red colour coefficient: 1.06 is scored at 3.5.

Hope someone can make sense out of my fragmented question and help me understand this : )


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