Fifth Legacy 2 Digital (L2D) CPU Installation - Voigtlander 125/2.5 APO Lanthar

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Fifth Legacy 2 Digital (L2D) CPU Installation - Voigtlander 125/2.5 APO Lanthar

Hi Everyone.

A shout out to Legacy 2 Digital in Eugene, OR, (!

I have had 5 Manual Focus lenses "chipped" to Nikon AI-P standard by Legacy 2 Digital. In every case the work is FIRST CLASS. The lenses I've had done are: 20/2.8 AIS Nikkor, 28/2.8 AIS Nikkor, 55/2.8 AIS Nikkor, 100/2.8 Vivitar Macro (built to AIS standard) and, just back, a Cosina-Voigtlander 125/2.5 APO-Lanthar (built to AIS standard). The Nikkors were bought brand new, the Vivitar was LNIB and the CV was NIB.

The APO Lanthar conversion shows stunning workmanship. While I'll concede it is possible another place might do as good of work, no one could do better, not even the factory.

If you want an EXCELLENT MF lens for Nikon get a New or Like New MF AIS Nikkor or other F mount lens in AIS and send it in to L2D. Lenses other than AIS can be done of course but the AIS gives the linear aperture lever needed for good camera body control of aperture.

Far unlike AF Nikkors, or any AF lens for that matter, the quality of construction and feel of MF Nikkors, all of which are Made In Japan, even to this very day, is second to none.

If you get Zeiss ZF's done you get the Pre-AI meter coupling AND a CPU! Why Zeiss did not include this coupling on ZF.2-like recent CV lenses do-who knows.

If you have not tried MF lenses-do so for deliberate photography. You'll beat AF with high mag Live View. I know AF is literally indispensable sometimes but I use AF lenses only if I have to.

Finally, MF Nikkors, which have an Aperture Control, are an investment due to fantastic adaptability.

My search for Legacy 2 Digital on this website returned no apparent results, that's hard to believe. Perhaps this post can be placed in such a thread if it exists.

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