Will I need to take an external wind reducing mic when overseas?

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Re: Will I need to take an external wind reducing mic when overseas?

PhilPreston3072 wrote:

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PhilPreston3072 wrote:

If you don't mind the built-in mic's quality, you could look at covering it with a custom dead cat.

This guy reviewing a video camera simply secured a cut out dead cat over the mics with an elastic band.

Thanks for the video link. I had a quick look at the video and so far have not seen any reference to using a dead cat over the mic with an elastic band. I might take another look at it later.

In the case of the Panasonic G7 you can't use a elastic band as it would likely get in the way of the cameras controls. Some material temp stick on with tape might work over the mic.
I don't understand why you can buy a piece of material similar to a dead cat to use temp on a camera.
Older cameras used foam over the mic but after a while the foam wore away.

Another thing I have noticed is the the cameras mic is picking up my breathing when using the cameras monitor. This might not be a problem if I'm using the view finder.


OIC, clicking the link takes you to the wrong time. Go to 11:05 in the same clip.

The presenter says the same thing, questioning why cameras don't already come with a dead cat accessory for the built in mic. Internal wind cut settings do a terrible job.

I feel that internal wind cut setting are a last resort and the problem is that I keep forgetting to turn off the wind cut setting after I've used it if I decide to use it.

I have putting my hand near the internal mic to try and shelter the mic from the wind but somehow the wind still gets around my hand and affects the mic.

About the only thing that can be done in post production is to lower the level of sound at the parts of the audio when the wind noise is heard so it does not get ignoring to the viewer.


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