G9: Long Exposure Photography at Base ISO

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G9: Long Exposure Photography at Base ISO

I’ve had the G9 for just over a week now, and I have to say that I’m loving the handling, the simplicity of the menus, the big beautiful EVF, the hi-res performance (aside from the 1 second limit), the top plate LCD, and most everything else over my EM1.2, except one thing - hot pixels or high noise with long exposures taken at base ISO.

If you check out my Flickr feed, you will see that long exposure photography (at base ISO) makes up a good portion of my images. So I’m rather disappointed to find out first hand now how bad the G9 hot pixel noise really is. I was not expecting to see what seem to be thousands or tens of thousand purple and green dots littering my images, which are easily noticed without pixel peeping or zooming in at all. This is apparent even on 20-30 second exposures at base ISO. Sorry, but I am not able to post examples at this time.

Unfortunarely, up until now anyway, there is scarce information on G9 performance with long exposures. There is a couple of threads in this forum that cover it, but at high 1600-3200 ISO’s used for night sky’s or star trails. I honestly would expect some visible pixels at these ISO levels with 30 second exposures. But not this degree of hot pixels at ISO 200. The only posted G9 long exposure image (I could find) taken at base ISO, was taken by Gordon Laing (of cameralabs), shows no such issue with hot pixels. Gordon claims to not have used long exposure noise reduction, but after my testing, I can’t see how he could get away with a multi-minute clean image with the G9 without LENR. Here is Gordon’s image I am referring to:


Am I missing something? by the way, there is a pixel mapping feature in the G9, but it had no real impact on the results.

I guess I can always resort to LENR, which is actually quite effective at cleaning up the hot pixels, but it’s a huge PITA with exposures of several minutes. I was thinking to sell off my EM1.2 as the G9 seems to have covered all the bases for me, but this is a big issue to me, and the EM1.2 will be kept on for long exposure outings.

I realize this is a bit of a rant, but I think it’s important for others who are into long exposure photography and are considering the G9, should understand this camera is not the best option.

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