1DXII Out~!! A7RIII is IN!

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Re: 1DXII Out~!! A7RIII is IN!

I could be completely wrong, Lord knows I am often, but I would bet Canon doesn't make its primary camera development decision based on the % of buyers/owners who willingly sell off at huge losses $5k, $10k, $15k worth of equipment after a year or two cause another company's camera is shinier.  I bet all camera companies are very fond of those with the means and the inclination to jump back and forth between companies, spending many thousands of dollars every time a product life cycle of one company is newer than the product cycle of another company, but I can't believe it is a viable long term market strategy to target them exclusively.  Not saying Canon's cameras don't need to stay competitive, I just roll my eyes at people who demand their camera when they want it and trash $10k worth of top end, state of the art equipment cause for some unknown reason it no longer allows them to reach their photographic creative peak, somehow it got worse over time.  In regards to the OP, if he doesn't wish to carry 15-20lbs of gear all the time, one has to ask why 2 years ago (or less) he purchased the heaviest full-frame 35mm format camera gear available to man?  If the A7RIII fits his needs better, I don't see any other conclusion other then his rational for originally purchasing the 1DXII was flawed (unless he has completely changed what and how he shoots, which is not indicated in any way in the original posting).  If that is the case, why be angry at Canon, life it too short, admit the mistake, and if you can afford it, get what makes you happy.  Sony will thank you, Canon will thank you for the original purchase and again when there is a not insignificant likelihood of the OP coming back to Canon next life cycle, the person picking up your used gear at a great discount thanks you, the gov't thanks you for the sales tax....win win win.

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