Epson Stylus Pro 9890 Information

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Epson Stylus Pro 9890 Information

Looking for further information regarding the vivid magenta print channel problem that has occurred on our Epson 9890 post servicing(picture attached).  I purchased this machine 2nd hand about 7 months ago and it has had light work since then, prior to that it was in storage for about 12 months.

I have just serviced the machine - cleaning the wiper blade, capping assembly and base of the print carrier due to smeared ink on the some prints. Also there was some intermittent banding on some prints indicating a series of blocked nozzles. Post clean these where more apparent and despite doing the paired power clean several times the Vivid Magenta channel did not change.  I have not completed the heavier cleans after reading several forums as this can damage the print head not to mention waste a lot of ink without fixing anything.

So after some deep soul searching , research and consideration of wether I am crazy (as this could be a oneway trip) I have flushed and cleaned the printhead as per online recommendations. There were several blocked nozzles which have now been cleared.

This has not fixed the problem however - so before committing more money and time I wonder if any advice can be given on the following questions.

1. Can the ink dampers, selector be flushed and cleaned to clear any micro blockages?

2. If not is it logical to replace this unit before looking at the print head?

3. Forget all of the above and just replace both the print head and ink selection unit?

4. Finally, forget it and walk away and find a new printer!

Thanks in advance on your thoughts and assistance


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