I tried EM5 as a slide copier

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Re: I tried EM5 as a slide copier

To convert negative to positive I created a develop preset, more or less following the instructions here:


As noted, "Because the Tone Curve created above inverts the luminosity then other commands effecting luminosity will also be reversed. For example increasing the blackness will in fact increase highlights, increasing brightness will darken."

This would have annoyed/confused me so I exported, then re-imported the images so adjustment sliders worked as they should.

To remove the colour cast I relied on a combination of Lightroom AWB, plus manual tweaking when needed. Results using the camera's AWB were often good enough. If I'd been less lazy I'd have done a custom white balance on a non-exposed part of the negative strip before imaging a batch of negatives from that film.

B&W images I simply converted to monochrome in Lightroom.

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