SMDV's new lineup of 24 sided indirectly mounted reflectors

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SMDV's new lineup of 24 sided indirectly mounted reflectors

I don't own one, maybe never will, and even if I do not anytime soon, but I'm just putting this out there as I think that it's an interesting development in several ways.

SMDV is starting to release a new lineup of 24 sided reflectors / softboxes with an optional sliding arm for indirect mounting.

Compared to the countless modifiers of this kind we've seen popping up lately, there are several points of interest IMO :

- they have 24 sides,

- the silver models use a slightly scattering silver material,

- SMDV's fabric reflectors tend to be pretty well cut and sewn with good tension, and few wrinkles and folds.

All of these should help to alleviate the "bicycle wheel" illumination pattern some of these silver reflectors tend to have, which can produce, in some circumstances, multiple, stepped shadows.

The indirect mounting arm can be set up so that the sandbag can be positioned independently from the head's location, which is interesting.

Most details are in this very elongated patchwork of pictures. Download the original to know more about these.

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