Beginner constant light question

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Beginner constant light question


I have until now owned a könig studio 80 constant light bulb kit, they can be fitted inside the included softboxes.

I now have a bunch of other empty softboxes with bowens mount and I figured I wanted to get a more flexible light for shooting video in various locations where I need to shoot a scene and later edit it in post. Types I am shooting is smaller lectures for crowds of about 30 people, on-location instructional videos in various rooms with different available lighting sitiuations.

I went for a 150w led spotlight which is dimmable and could fit inside my softboxes and also for reflecting into my generic open umbrellas.

I figured I perhaps got a way too brigth light(?) but I can just dim it down to 75 or 40W or whatever I want it seems if I want a more cozy beam.
The current König lights are just on-or-off so if I am in a situation where the könig lights are just too much I have not had many options to fix that conveniently until now.

My other question is why most of the resonably priced spotlights are only fixed at the 5700-ish (+/- 300) daylight range (though some have a plastic filter with a very yellow-ish 3200 Kelvin)?

Wouldn´t it be appropriate if they in combination with dimming also had adjustable color temperature between let´s say 3500 and up to 5700?

If I am lighting a speaker on stage with the new light at the warmest possible 5400K tone that person would still look kind of cold in his/her skin tone I would think(?) or is this fixed daylight (high CRI) feature setting that most lights have, because it will look better on video due to the camera getting "accurate colors" all the time?

Is it because it is easier to color grade in post?

Is it just because it would be too expensive to have variable stepless color temp adjustments?

Sidenote: know they are meant for a different purpose but in my living room I have 3 osram e27 home light LED bulbs, they come with a wifi hub and I can control them via my phone both in color and brightness + sett any kind of schedule and color rotation I want. That setup including the hub is still less expensive than this single 1 light I just bought and it just does brightness adjustment (even though it is brighter has a metal enclosure and a dedicated remote but it does not do wifi :-)).

Any comment would be greatly appreciated!!

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