Nikon Rumors: 600PF!

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Re: So wrong!

Lance B wrote:

MrHollywood wrote:

You people have no clue!

I shot this with a 500mm F4 through a good deal of smoke and radiation.

It may not look all that sharp, but I'm pretty happy with the results because everyone with me was dead just moments later.

Now have a look at this one from the 300mm...

This is a heavy crop (obviously) and I think we're seeing a good amount of detail, though there are no feathers of any kind.

How will the new 600mm 5.6 handle subjects like this? How much will it cost? Where can I buy powdered water?


What an absurd post from an absurd poster.

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Yeah...that was kinda the idea, plus we see you have no sense of humor. You're dreadfully serious and know virtually nothing about the 600mm 5.6.

Why not take a nap? I think you'll feel better. I mean, what are even arguing about? A lens you never saw?

I shot this with my Nikon 600mm AI-s.

Before you bemoan the quality, understand that I was nearly 3 miles away and it was really windy due to Mothra's wings.


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