7-14 Pro for Landscapes

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7-14 Pro for Landscapes

I have owned this lens for a couple years now, and use it mostly for landscapes. Early on, I noticed some loss of sharpness in foreground corners at focal lengths around 12mm that seemed to be related to curvature of field. In other words, the corners could be improved by focusing closer, but only at the expense of overall  sharpness. As part of getting ready for another try at capturing some spring scenics, I decided to explore the behavior of this lens. Here is what I found:

Edge and corner sharpness are good at both ends of the focal length range. In a typical landscape setting, I find no significant loss of sharpness in the corners or problems with curvature of field at 7mm and 14 mm.

Midrange focal lengths do show some loss of corner sharpness, particularly in the foreground corners. The effect is greatest around 11-12mm. At these focal lengths, stopping down can improve corner sharpness somewhat, but not eliminate it entirely. And again, only at the expense of overall sharpness.

Switching to the 12-40 Pro for focal lengths at or above 12mm is a possible strategy. The 12-40 Pro retains good corner sharpness at 12 mm, and overall sharpness is on a par with the 7-14mm. However, the curvature of field at 12mm in the 7-14 actually has the effect of providing superior center foreground sharpness, albeit at the expense of foreground corner sharpness.

I have placed full resolution photos in my gallery of a typical landscape composition having near and far detail that illustrate these effects. All photos were taken with the cameral leveled, and processed as I normally would in PS, without cropping. Apertures were selected to give sufficient depth of field while retaining good overall sharpness. The camera was an Olympus E-M1.

And here is a recent photo taken with the 7-14 Pro during a late winter hike around one of the local lakes to show how the lens handles a "real" landscape. It was taken at 11mm with an aperture of f7.1 to try to retain good foreground detail, without losing too much background sharpness. There was some minor cropping at the left side.


7-14 Pro at 11mm f7.1

Olympus E-M1
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