Ultra wide / 12mm fast lens

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Ultra wide / 12mm fast lens

A few years ago I got myself SEL16F28 w/ VCL-ECU2 to have a Ultra Wide photos.  I could not afford a Zeiss 12mm Touit.  This was before Rokinon/Samyang was the rave.  Also I think sometimes I do like having AF and sometimes I also point camera on the sun/moon. I think Rokinon is too specialized lens for night shots. SEL1018F4 not so good for night shots, also is not cheap.

I still think 12mm Zeiss would be a nice thing to have, they have I come down in price and some used are from $700-800.  Which is still a bit expensive.

I mainly use the Ultra wide for land scapes, city scapes, caves, galaxy, etc. But I have used it for people (not posting sample of them).  I have posted here some sample photos where I used 12mm, some no tripod... just quick shoot as I have no time to setup and I tend to just walk around.

I know the Sony 16mm is a poorly reviewed lens, but I am ok with it.  I am not a pixel peeper. Just looking at this again as my favourite lens is SEL24F18Z, posted 1 sample photo (last one).  I seem be able to crop or after post edit some shots are really good. I know  what a good lens can be, also that it's not night and day difference unless you pixel peep.  My question would be replace/upgrade an existing 12mm f2.8?  Or just spend the money to something else (I know people here like to just buy the photo gear, try to limit your bias)?  Spend on a trip (where you can get more photos), upgrade my drone (get a different 3rd person perspective), etc.  I too want to buy the blue badge, but something also telling me the upgrade fee is not worth it.  Opinions?

Heavily post edited, I wanted the painting like photo

Even at night shots we point it direct to the light (moon)

I like the AF, as here I can't really manual focus... camera is on the ground.  I just did a quick timer, run and snap.

I like UW at times, so it can capture lots of stuff... not just the galaxy. Not too keen to do stitching

Turn around and quick snap, AF helps but I guess I can set to manual close to infinity. I like AF.

Cave and night shot similar, glow worms instead of stars.  UW is great captures the cave walls

Hike, tripod and snap. Here UW can capture the shore.  While my 24mm is too narrow.

Quick snap in the city, with sun too.

Shot from our backyard, SEL24F18Z. I just shot this as more like a test, but it turned out better than I expected. I have also cropped a few shots with the 24 and it was still good. Maybe with the Touit 12mm I can save more shots?

Flat view
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