The Mighty 16 is Gone!

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Re: The Mighty 16 is Gone!

Greg7579 wrote:

I lost it in the past 72 hours. I don't know where. It is gone.

I'm searching my brain and I might have left it on the pew of a church in Jaen. But I don't think so.

It is gone. It is not in the car. It is not in my two camera bags. It is not in my luggage.

It is gone.

I have dropped lenses. I have never lost one.

This is a first.

I'm very sad and mad at myself. I'm very careful when I change lenses and use a bench or a table.... I always double check that the changed lens is back in the bag.

I guess it is slightly possible a housekeeper could have grabbed it in a hotel, but very doubtful.

I have the 23/35/50 F2s, the Brick, the 56, 90, 50-140, Rok 12 and the Mighty 16 on this trip. The 16 is gone.

I told Teresa I was buying another one the second I get home and you know what she said?

She said no way.

But I'm too sad to argue with her right now.

The Mighty 16 is gone and I don't know what happened to it.

I started looking for it last night when I wanted to go out and do some street night shots.


I probably should not start a thread on this, but if I can't tell you guys my sorrow here, who can I tell?

I'm in Cordoba. That 16 is somewhere in Jaen or maybe Priego del Cortoba -- my last two stops.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

Hi Greg,

I am genuinely very sorry to hear that you lost your 16mm lens.  I know from skimming through your posts in the past, you have always spoken highly of the lens.

May I encourage you to look on the bright side of things.  Material things can always be replaced but not good times with your wife.  Hope you will enjoy the rest of the trip.

Tim C.

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