1DXII Out~!! A7RIII is IN!

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Re: 1DXII Out~!! A7RIII is IN!

Trollmannx wrote:

My Canon 7DII is lying idle - feel the my super compact and light weight Sony A6300 is a much better grab and go tool - at least in my hands. And my main cameras are still a couple of slow five years old Sony A7 cameras which have seen a lot of places in all kinds of weather and temperatures in the -30 to +30 C range.

Use what works for you. But if all photographers and all of photography was the same, there would only be one camera and one lens and we’d all be happy.

I don’t know if the Sony can shoot professional sports as well as a 7D Mark II (although this might have been my 5D):

And the reviewer wasn’t too impressed with its low light ability, so maybe it can’t do stuff like this:

And it doesn’t have a control to set the AF points, so it would have focused on the guitar neck instead of good old Alex.

But, look, it’s not a contest, ok? Really. My current Canon 5D4 isn’t the best street camera; it’s overkill.  And it doesn’t float your boat, and you aren’t wrong about that!

If an enthusiastic beginner asked me what camera to buy, I’d ask what types of photography interested him or her, and then I’d recommend an appropriate camera which has good controls.  To me, every camera is an iPhone except for the controls. You see that guitarist above? He was playing in a bar. A dozen people shot him that night, and those photos showed a guy playing a guitar in a bar.  And there were mic stands, and music stands, and cables and spotlights and signs and people all over. That is not what I want to do with photography.  I want to create a photograph with its own reality, which captures the true essence of my subject.  Use the tool which works for you and lets you craft the results you want.

If this was the Painting Forum, I don’t think the oil painters would be telling the watercolor artists that they’re wrong.

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