I need some advice for a secondary, day trip, camera. X100F, X-E3 or X-Pro2?

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I need some advice for a secondary, day trip, camera. X100F, X-E3 or X-Pro2?

Hello All,

I've been a long time lurker but a first time poster here. I had a X-T1 for awhile (since it first came out) and have built top a nice little collection of lenses:

-23mm F2

-35mm F2

-35mm F1.4

-50mm F2

-56mm F1.2

-18-55MM F.2.8-4.0

-16-55mm F2.8

With that, I finally sold my X-T1 and upgraded to an X-H1 and I'm absolutely loving it for most of my professional and paid work. However, for a quick day trip up into the mountains or to the beach, it's a little bit big for my tastes to use. Since, I've got a little bit of extra money in my pocket at the moment, I thought I would pick up a secondary camera to use for these instances. And I've narrowed down my search to either an X-Pro 2, X-E3, or a X100F. I know there's quite a difference between these two but thought maybe someone here would have some advice on either? I want a rangefinder, that I know of for sure. I want something that will be different enough from my X-H1 and I think a rangefinder would fit just perfectly for fun day uses.

For the X100F, its small, easy to use, but has a lot of things that even my X-H1 doesn't have such as the built-in ND Filter and the flash built-in (I realize it's not the best flash but its something!). The only issue I have with the X100F is it's softness at F2. I usually shoot with the widest aperture because I enjoy the background blur, but can the softness at F2 be corrected with software at all? such as adding sharpness in post?

My other choice is the X-Pro2. It's bigger than the X100F for sure, but my thinking is that I could stick with the F2 Prime trinity and it would make a perfect backup/ day use camera! My only problem with this one is that I wear glasses and I'm worried about the small viewfinder. Is this much of an issue for anyone?

Lastly, there's the X-E3. It combines the small lightness of the X100F with the lens switching capability of the X-Pro2. It looks to have a big enough EVF to not be a problem for my glasses. However, It looses some dials and doesn't have the OVF of the other 2.

Anyways, that's where I'm at right now with deciding. Can anyone provide any info on any of these and what they can recommend from experience? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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