A relative comparison - remember the ole' 11-22 MM?

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Ben Herrmann
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A relative comparison - remember the ole' 11-22 MM?

For those of you who still maintain the 11-22 (or who have gladly shot with it at one time but have since sold it), a new, very inexpensive lens just released by Fujifilm made me remember that earlier Olympus optic.

I know, I know - "Dis is da Olympussss forum, not da Vuuji forum" - so I get it. But read on please.

OK, so I'm guessing that many who post on this forum shoot with more than one brand system - I know I do. I most certainly can appreciate what the different brands (now-a-days) bring to the table. I currently still use my ole Four Thirds system cameras, along with Micro Four Thirds, Fuji X, Canon EOS M, and the now defunct (yet still very capable) Samsung NX line of goodies.

Having said that, Fujifilm released a new, very inexpensive (even when purchased individually) 15-45 F3.5-5.6 OIS lens (equivalent to a 22.5 - 67.5 MM focal reach). Although not a pancake lens by any stretch of the imagination, Fuji released this as a Power Zoom lens and when you turn on your camera, the lens moves forward like the ole' advanced enthusiast cameras we once used (and some still do). It's focus and zoom has a "by wire" feel to it. Once I got accustomed to this, it was no big deal. And with certain new cameras (with the proper FW), it zooms out using a lever. I just use it in the traditional sense - using the zoom ring.

As I was using it the other day - attached to the X-A3 camera - I started realizing that this lens compares quite well to the earlier Olympus 11-22. I mean it starts at a 22.5 MM wide angle end of things - which really makes a difference when comparing to the typical 24 or 28 MM wide angle kit lenses. But more so, it is an exceptionally sharp lens (well, my copy is) that seems to punch far above its weight and also gets you out to almost 70 MM in focal reach. It is so good that I could easily see using it on the more expensive bodies. New (purchased individually), it retails for $299 - but soon there will be ones available on eBay - new, separated from the kit - for far less.

So why in the "hay" am I telling you this about "that" lens? Simple - for those of you using other brands from time to time (yet still firmly entrenched in Olympus products), there is now a lens available for a pittance that gives you the wide angle reach of the ole, yet highly competent Olympus 11-22. Sure it doesn't have an F2.8-3.5 aperture - but it does give you similar clarity and at a steal. If you're using Fuji cameras (or thinking about getting an expensive body - i.e. the new X-A5), this new XC 15-45 kit zoom will have you smiling (unless you get a less than stellar copy of course). At least it did for me and I don't sing praises easily unless I'm quite impressed with something. The Olympus 11-22 is one lens that I often missed with the other brands because of its unique focal reach.

OK - I'm done!

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