1DXII Out~!! A7RIII is IN!

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Re: 1DXII Out~!! A7RIII is IN!

sportyaccordy wrote:

J A C S wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

J A C S wrote:

Right. Like a constantly running car in your garage just because you may need to go to the grocery store.

It's more like not having a start-stop system in traffic.

If that traffic happens for 1/100 sec every minute or so, and your gas thank can keep the engine running for an hour only, then you should stop.

Way to grossly exaggerate how bad MILC battery life is. I have an A7III... same battery/infrastructure as the op's A7RIII.... so far battery life indicates about a ~1500 shot/charge range. Def in line with any DSLR

Finny how the discussion moved from sensor being on all the time to number of shots per charge. With the sensor on for too long, your battery may die before you take a single shot.

MILCs do have on/off switches

Speaking about start-stop in traffic...

Automatic start stop. Your "leave the car on in the garage" analogy = having no off switch.

No, it means not using too often just to keep the battery alive. With my dSLR, I would leave it on for hours. I would often compose then decide not to take a shot or track somebody for a long time waiting for the right moment, etc. Somebody bragged here about the sensor being on all the time. Now you are bragging about the existence of an on-off switch. You need to exchange a few pm's to decide what the party line is today.

I do own an ML camera. I am much more conscious about the battery life with it. It turns off automatically after some inaction (as does my dSLR) but it takes longer to come back.

Though for what it's worth, standby on an MILC is no more draining than it is on a DSLR. I've owned both.

Gear bashing is a lot funnier when the basher hangs their hat on facts and resists the temptations of hyperbole, double standards and fantasy.....

That is why I reacted to the hyperbolae of the previous poster.

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