ND 10 Stop Filter

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ND 10 Stop Filter

I originally posted this in the 'accessories talk' forum but have so far had no replies, so I thought I'd try here instead.......

I've decided to get a 10 stop ND filter and I want something that will fit my existing Cokin P sized holder, so I've narrowed the choice to either:

Cokin Nuances - https://www.cokin-filters.com/nuances/#nd-nuances-filters or

Hitech Firecrest - https://www.formatt-hitech.com/filters/firecrest-nd

Does anyone know whether one is better than the other? The key issues that are most important to me are (in order):

1. which one produces least colour shift? I always shoot RAW and I know you can adjust WB in pp but I would rather not have to;

2. whether different densities can be stacked without creating a colour cast (the Cokin site makes a specific claim in this regard whilst the Hitech site appears silent.... but can you trust advertising blurb anyway)?; and

3. I have a second camera body that has been permanently converted to infra red use and so an ND filter that would be effective with this camera would be a bonus (although it's not the primary intended use and so it's not essential). The Hitech site makes much of its IRND properties but I'm not sure if that means it will work on an IR converted camera?

Any advice or experience would be appreciated.

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