1DXII Out~!! A7RIII is IN!

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Re: 1DXII Out~!! A7RIII is IN!

This thread is amusing and entertaining.

Interesting to see so many not getting it yet.

Mirrorless is NOT about EVF vs OVF or mirror box vs no mirror box.

Mirrorless is about having a constantly fed image sensor. And having a constantly fed image sensor is the only way cameras can evolve. That way data from the image sensor can be read and analyzed continually right up to the actual exposure.

Having a mirror blocking the light path is like saying farewell to eye focus, zebras, focus peaking, spot on focus accuracy and a lot more - and not to forget what will pop up in the future. A constantly fed image sensor - that is the great thing!

In my case:

Problem is - in my case - that Canon does not offer any serious mirrorless option. So like several others I slipped away from adapting Canon - drifted elsewhere. And happily so!

My Canon 7DII is lying idle - feel the my super compact and light weight Sony A6300 is a much better grab and go tool - at least in my hands. And my main cameras are still a couple of slow five years old Sony A7 cameras which have seen a lot of places in all kinds of weather and temperatures in the -30 to +30 C range.

Not a fault - yet. And amazing image quality. And no battery problems (amazing how many seems to struggle with changing batteries). And great ergonomics once adapting.

Also have an astromodded 60Da and a 6D (also astromodded) - so no stranger to Canon. What happened is that Canon drifted away and became strange to me...

Now I leave the show to go on - floodlights and popcorn...

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