Superzoom Low-Light Advice Needed

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Superzoom Low-Light Advice Needed

I'm already aware that the current superzoom cameras struggle to focus in very low light. Also the noise at high ISO is quite bad.
However, in searching for extreme low light examples, I haven't been able to find anything that's representative of what I'll be trying to do.
I wish to photograph subjects about 75 yards away (They'll be across the river, so I can't move closer.) I'm guessing I'll need about a 700 to 900 mm zoom range.
The primary light source will be a single candle on a float illuminating people as they set the float into the river.
It's important to see their faces as they do this, so photographing them from the side is not an option.
I'll be using a steady tripod.
Manually focusing will be fine.
The images will only be used for posting on Flickr, so noise will be less of a factor.
Subject movement will be minimal, so a shutter speed of around 1/10 second should be fine for a sharp image.
This is a once-a-year event and I don't wish to spend well over $1000 for a lens that might work on my DSLR.
So, has anyone succeded, or even attempted, to use one of the current superzooms under conditions similar to what I described?
Please share your results, or any advice you can offer.

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