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Flat view
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I heard but did not see them for a week. I thought they were attacking my cedar sided home. They come here briefly about this time of year before moving on.

I grabbed a camera and threw on the 75-300 thinking the 40-150PRO and the TC might not have enough reach, and bounded up the stairs to the loft where I have a wider view of the tree line through the glass. I heard them to the left. Bingo! They were pecking the power pole up the street.

I took a couple of shots and hurried out the door to get closer. By that time one of them had gone and the other went to the top of the pole. A lot of contrast and glare up there and a lot of DR. Might have been better with a CPL.

These are fantastic birds. Their movements are so interesting. The necks are pretty long. They jerk from position to position like robot arms. Unlike many woodpeckers, Pileated Woodpeckers are really big birds. I'd like get some video before they move on.

How do they peck trees for years without getting concussions? The NFL needs to study that.

The 75-300 did a decent job. The 300 f/4 might have been awesome. You can see them both in the first two photos before one of them moved on.

I wish they were in a tree instead of on a power pole, but I'll take what I can get. They had a tough time holding on to the pole. They lost grip and slipped down repeatedly. I think one of them left to look for an easier way to take a meal and the other one found a better perch at the top.

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Flat view
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