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I didn't think this was how equivalency worked?

There is no size, weight and price advantage in crop systems. There are only compromises that can make things smaller, for any system. APS-C and FF difference is bigger than F2.8 vs F4. Just stop ignoring it.

If there was a huge, heavy and (I imagine) crazy expensive XF16-50F1.8, which could produce images very similar to FF 24-70F2.8, would you still buy one? The fact that there is a FF 24-70F2.8, doesn't mean that you have to use it. Fuji just doesn't have the option, there is no XF16-50F1.8.
"ISO-equivalence, I don't think it exists" - It's not a matter of opinion. There are no separate equivalences for each and every button on your camera. There's only one equivalence and it works for everything simultaneously. And you can't apply it for just one thing (like focal length) while ignoring the rest.
56F1.2 on crop is not equal to FF 85F1.2, because it is equal to FF 85F1.8.
56F1.2 ISO400 on crop is not equal to FF 85F1.2 ISO400, because it is equal to FF 85F1.8 ISO1000.

Underlined part in particular. I knew about how focal length equivalency worked, and I even knew about aperture equivalency (though I thought it only really mattered for depth of field, as I had thought an F4 lens on APSC gave the same amount of light exposure as an F4 on FF).

But I didn't know that ISO also had an equivalency?

This would mean that the 'stop disadvantage' of APSC and M43 is more than 1 or 2, wouldn't it? On a FF camera you could shoot at ISO 100 easily, but APSC and M43 could only ever hit a relative maximum of ISO 400 or 800?

This seems super weird to me. Though maybe it's right, as it would add up to APSC and M43 needing to use f2.8 or f1.4 lenses, just to take the equivalent photo of a slow f5.6 in low light... Maybe I've been underestimating the difference between these systems?

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