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Re: Yes: Sony's Are Toys

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That's it! I'm done waiting on Canon to come out with a Mirrorless FF replacement for my 1DXII so I'm making to move to SONY.

I'm tired of traveling with all the weight of the 1DXII and the idea of buying a 2 year old 5DIV, that is not really much smaller, just doesn't sit well with me.

I'm going to try the Metabones adapter with my Canon Lenses and see how that works out. Maybe in a few years Canon will catch up to Sony, but I just can't wait any longer. : (

As a sports photog who works in TOUGH conditions, I have to laugh. The toys that Sony make would crush the first sideline hit they took. My 1DXMKII and big whites have proven they can take hits and keep working. The sonys crumble like toys. Ive seen it first hand.

Thank you for your insight based on experience. The Sony's are indeed toys...they appeal more to our instincts to like gadgetry and spec sheets than real photography.

I can make a fully loaded Hyundai look better on paper than a Mercedes or BMW but I know which car I would choose.

I think that's a bit unfair. Some of us need those specs. My work is now 50/50 stills/video and I need a camera that does really well at both. That's not something Canon currently offers but Sony does.

There's things I prefer about Canon like the lenses but if they are missing one crucial option, it won't be appropriate for the work I do.

I think it's kind of funny you made the Hyundai vs Mercedes/BMW comparison. You are free to spend more money for the latter models but I for one am happy I don't have to pay exponentially more money just for oil changes etc due to specialized parts. In my city, some mechanics don't even service these cars, but almost all DO service the Asian makers.

Bought a Hyundai Genesis used for a steal years ago. Beats the specs out of the Euro models you mentioned both on paper and in real life at time of release and have required nothing but the most basic maintenance for about the last 10 years. If we were going with metaphors, I rate this model of Hyundai as having 1d series tank-like build and performance. Meanwhile, my buddies with the fancy Euro imports wait weeks for $500 oil changes. Mercedes/BMW is more like Leica I think, put that fancy hood ornament on there and charge 10x extra.

Some have Hyundai budgets, some have Mercedes budgets.  I have a Subaru budget...wish I had a Porsche budget.

Apples to apples:  Genisis to AMG.....yea, right!


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