Little Warriors ... *Macro

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Little Warriors ... *Macro

One of these days my posts might catch up with my captures. I doubt it though.


Mirror, mirror ...

While I was inspecting the tree with all the christmas beetles this little fella landed at my feet and proceeded on his (or her) mission, to travel, to feed, to mate and die under the sun and moon.

What we all do in one way or another. And along the way if we get to actually enjoy doing it all, just being here, how lucky is that, and a bit of work.

Proud little thing. Holding on to a blade of grass as he surveys the terrain, what he senses.

And on my hand for a while, while I got the blade of grass ready for his consideration.

Up and down the blade he went, undecided on a course or direction. Wonderful coloured helmet.

What goes on in his tiny mind, is it really that small …

Pointed little fella. Represented in his horned helm of green. Casting about for indications, of what is important …


Christmas beetle, from the same population as the recent posts, with nasturtium for background.


And other garden visitors ...

A flower beetle. Love those antennae. Big and heavy hairy creatures, ungainly in flight but survive the hardest crashes.

Female Lynx spider. She does love her food, and her babies. I have often seen the male looking after the eggs yet to hatch.

Queensland Fruit Fly. Real gardeners would kill me for leaving food out for these little ones. They love soft fruit especially.

Maybe a kind of Huntsman spider? It had its place on the sunflower, clearly loved its little life. May even still be in the green …

This one loves a good mess, carries it on its back, probably as camouflage or to ward off predators. Then becomes a beetle.

Bluebottle Fly just loves its aerobatics in the shadowy places in the garden. Also loves the rotting things I encourage in the dark.

This little beetle loves flowers, all of them. Including this nicotiana which could be the death of it, being so sticky.

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