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Re: Sony = Worst Mirrorless Brand

Thoughts R Us wrote:

IMHO Sony is probably the worst mirrorless brand. If I were going to go with a mirrorless brand right now it would probably be Fuji, or if I wanted a truly significant size/weight reduction I would go with micro four thirds, either Olympus or Panasonic.

Fuji, Olympus, and Panasonic are infinitely more enjoyable to use than a Sony, and that's why the OP seeks a size/weight reduction anyway...to make travel more enjoyable. Why would one trade the inconvenience of carrying more weight around for the inconvenience of using a Sony?

And yes, I have tried all of those mirrorless systems, and the only one I did not enjoy at all was the Sony.

Then there's the reliability of Sony cameras...a real gamble to spend big bucks on Sony equipment.

Sure Sony has great sensors, but that's it. And a camera system is more than the sensor.

Of course, as many have pointed out, Sony has not much of a size/weight advantage when one takes into account lenses. This matters as much if not more in determining the weight of the system, unless one is going to only use a camera without a lens!

IMHO Sony has no real advantage in anything. If you want utmost performance, then a top of the line DSLR from Canon or Nikon. If you want mirrorless, then Fuji/Oly/Panny.

You could have shortened it to: I hate Sony [cameras]!!1!1!one

Naturally, you own multiple Canon 1DxII and tons of L lenses and use all of them with a UV protection filter to finalize the environmental sealing as outlined in the Canon documenation.

And all that didn't stop you from actually using all the other mirrorless cameras, because one has to stay at the frontlines of development and only real experience counts.

Or something like that, no idea?

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