Sorry Canon, I could no longer wait...

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Sorry Canon, I could no longer wait...

I’ve been waiting with baited breath for a G3X MK II and/or a G5X MK II.  It has been two years now.  I bought a refurbished G7X last year, but was not very happy with the camera operation.  The worst accessory in camera utility is the LED in the back.  I can’t see it with the sun behind me, and of course if I increase the brightness, there goes the battery.  You can actually hear it slurping juice...  

Seriously, bad in light, and bad trying to follow an object moving fast across the screen.

So I bought a refurbished G5X this year.  What a godsend.  Now I can even follow an airplane around, that is if it isn’t too close or going too fast.  I can’t get used to the non-tactile and non-synchronized feel of the controls, however.  Coming from a 20D, I expect a big barrel to turn so I can zoom;  exactly where I want it, and as fast as I want to turn it.

The G5X unfortunately has electronic links, zooming is not fast, nor accurate.  And forget about manual focus, unless I’ve missed something.  But it is much better than the G7X.

Great, now I have a close up camera, I started looking at the super zoom.  G3X is NOT a 25X, it is more a 12X.  Sorry, no arguments here, I’ve had enough arguing with my 75-300mm, which was sold as a 10X.  I finally figured out why;  The lens has a maximum zoom of 300mm.  Eye perspective is 50mm, I didn’t make that up.  Therefore the 300mm is 6X.  Using the 20D which is an APS-C sensor, and multiplying 6X times a cropping factor of 1.6, I get 9.6, roughly 10X.  No wonder I couldn’t get close to birds, or airplanes in the sky.

So, I just got an SX-60HS, refurbished, of course.  I must say I’m pretty happy.  Picture quality has not suffered from what I can see, and I’m half blind anyway.  ;).

I looked at both DSLR and DILC’s.  The former I would need at least a 400mm lens with 2X adapter, rendering most shots, manually focused.  The M’s would require an EF to EOS adapter, a 2X adapter, and a 400mm lens, weighing around three pounds I think.  I’m afraid just holding the camera would cause the barrel weight to do obscene things to the little body.  And I’d still need to manually focus.

We’ll see what Canon does for us common folk.  I’d really like a 30X - 40X G3X MK II, but I don’t think that is going to happen because it will drop camera prices.  I understand that the vendors need to make money, I’m not anti-capitalism.  As the world turns, and “who loves ya moh babie”...

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