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User0072362798 wrote:

A time lapse sequence of clouds that I compiled moves to quickly. How do I slow things down ... by changing the time interval setting between shots ... or by changing the frames per second rate when compiling?

Thanks in advance

A couple of suggestions:

For smoother playback, plan your lapse for 30 fps rather than 24. You should watch the clouds for a minute or so to see how fast, or slow, they are moving. If they seem to be going pretty fast, an interval of 2 seconds can be enough. For slower moving clouds, you could try 4-6 seconds. Again, 30 fps will look much smoother than 24. Just my opinion, but I wouldn't be too concerned about how fast the shutter speed is. I've never found fast shutter speeds to be a problem. There are a lot of "experts" on YouTube who will tell you that it's necessary to "drag the shutter" meaning shutter speeds of 1/8 second or more. If you are at 24 fps, that might be a good idea. At 30fps it's not necessary.

Hope this helps.

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