What Improved Your Photography?

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What Improved Your Photography?

I wanted to start a thread where members could share tips and advice on the things, both big and small, that have improved the quality of their photography.

I think we've got a huge resource of excellent, motivated photographers here and perhaps we can unearth a few gems or some hidden wisdom.

Obviously what works for one person may not work for another, but I would like to avoid lengthy debates on the merits of each suggestion: consider the advice here like a buffet - take what you like and leave the rest be.

From me:

There's probably three things that have really helped me improve the quality of my photos over the last few years.

1) Sticking with a fixed focal length. These days I leave the house with a camera and a prime and that's about it. I have always worked with a limited number of focal lengths anyhow, but being 'stuck' with one fixed lens has really improved my composition. Now I have a much better ability to previsualise an image without the 'which lens?' angst that can sometimes be paralysing.

2) Putting a limit on the time I spend post processing. Since I have a limited amount of time to dedicate to my hobby, I decided, I wanted to spend as much of it as possible out in the world making photos. For this reason I limit my post processing to a few hours once a month. Normally I'll sit down on a Sunday afternoon and go through the last month's shots and work on the ones I like the most that haven't come SOOC as I would have wanted. The result has been more time taking photos, meaning that skill has improved, and my JPGs are looking a lot better, particularly as I know I won't get a chance to agonise over each and every RAW like I used to.

3) Weird considering the last point, but the third thing is learning how to post process better. I used to drop a few presets in via LR and that was about it, but recently I've taken some time to really get my head around Acdsee and Luminar and the results have been great. If I'm only going to work on a limited number of frames a month, I can at least do it well.

Edit: Almost forgot - I've stopped buying lenses and now spend the same money on courses and workshops. Great fun, learning a lot and meeting some really interesting people.

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