1DXII Out~!! A7RIII is IN!

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Don’t get me wrong, I love the 1DXII and my intention with this post is to let Canon know that there are many people, like myself, that would like options that they are not currently offering. If they see that even photographers who are heavily invested in Canon gear are making the change to another brand because they don’t have a camera that competes in a category, then maybe that will influence their future products. I know I’m not the only one who is wanting a mirrorless FF Canon body.

For me, the weight consideration for travel photography is the main reason for buying the Sony body. I’m going to keep all my Canon lenses as hopefully there will be a mirrorless body soon. And, I will keep the 1DXII as it is an incredible camera, but I’m not taking for travel.

I did the same thing, i sold my Canon 1dxII and 5dsr and a load of Canon L glass from 16-35 upto 500 f4 and bought a Sony a7rIII and a9.

That was a big mistake for me.

I found out first hand the hard way that the a9 is built like a cheap bottom of the line plastic dslr and the 24-70 G master build quality is a joke.

I was on the first hour of a photo trip up into the highlands of Scotland when a big gust of wind blew over my Gitzo 5 series tripod and the a9 and 24-70 hit the deck, not that hard but the viewfinder smashed, the rear screen smashed and the body split into 2 pieces. The 24-70 left its bent mount attached on the camera and broke into 2 pieces revealing 4 little plastic posts that fix the mount to the lens body.

I must add that ive had a 1dx fall from the same height with the 70-200 f2.8 attached and the camera had a slight scuff mark on one of its corners and the lens was undamaged.

From a usability point of view, the Sony's are way off Canon ergonomics, in that the Sony's feel uncomfortable to handhold over a long period and the menus are a joke.

From an image quality point of view, you cant really criticize Sony, they make the best sensors out there, however, ive compared images from the a7rIII with the 5dsr and images from the a9 and the 1dxII and in real world terms you cant see any difference.

To sum up, ive now sold the sony gear and gone back to Canon with the 1dxII again and a 5d mark 4where I feel much happier. It was an expensive mistake but a worthwhileone for me.

2.5kg tripod (without head?) and mounted camera being toppled over by wind alone either means it was not standing safely or "big gust of wind" and "not that hard" don't really match up. Regardless, the camera+lens had to bear not only their own weight, but that of the tripod, too, and had some inertia from getting toppled over in the first place. I'd like to see any Canon coming out of this unscathed, and for the sake of arguing lets make a test series to see the possible deviations.

I've seen enough pro grade DSLR equip breaking in one way or another from much smaller falls. No camera maker gives you any guarantees regarding impact, not even Canikon for their big bricks. I have a Nikon 1 AW1 where this is different, but this camera comes with the typical additional heft of ruggedness (and had a good number of industrial rugged devices in my hand). A rugged Canon 1D-whatever would be way heavier and thicker.

Infact, you could make a rugged A9 and still come out with the body size of a Canon 1D, but not the other way around.

In the end its important that you are happy with your equip, but your example is like running on this ice: Not much support. Let a phone fall from some height and it may get a scratch one time or break the screen the next time. It always depends on how its falling. I've had some impacts with my A7s and it is still living; granted, I haven't managed to get it toppled over together with a tripod (where I'd expect any camera to break in one way or another with such a 'heavy' tripod).

The camera actually fell onto relatively soft grassy ground, the extent of the damage was really surprising, The sony cameras and lenses are not built to a standard that their price suggests.

It doesnt really matter what you said above and what you think you know, i was just telling my story and it was all fact, so with all due respect what you said was meaningless and i never asked for your analysis of what happened as you were not there.

Sony quoted £2000 to repair the camera and £1200 to repair the lens and 3 weeks to fix. Insurance wrote them off.

Now im not saying Canon would charge less but with my CPS Platinum membership i would have a loan camera here the next day and mine would be back to me within a few days.

A system is a system and Sony are no anywhere close yet with pro support etc.

The bottom line is I trust my Canon pro gear to get the job done in any condition which is sonething I, unfortunately, couldnt say about the Sony's.

I was not there, no. But if things don't add up -- and wind toppling over 4-5kg with not much area it can take a grip on -- I have two options: Silently discard such an example or start questioning it, because while not unlikely it suggests more extreme circumstances. Grass ground, while not rock, is a pretty far fetch from a thick layer of moss. I had more than one thing break on grass ground.

I didn't say that the Sony gear is up to par in terms of ruggedness with the Canon pro gear. I've also seen DSLR equip break on much lower falls, not to pieces, but in a way it was non-functional or functionally impaired. It all depends how it hits the ground.

My last phone survived multiple 3+ feet falls and died from a ~1 feet fall in the end (or the display did, frontglass was just fine ...). Which also means our expectations and actual reality when it comes to such falls differ sometimes widely.

And I started using a NEX camera in 2011 and got the A7s on preorder. These things are not raw eggs as some are suggesting. There are better tools out there (like some of the Canon gear -- I own some of that, too) if you really face adverse circumstances more often. For everything else the Sony stuff is more than good enough.

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