UWA for wedding: dedicated FF lens or APS-C body+lens

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UWA for wedding: dedicated FF lens or APS-C body+lens

Hi there,

The 24mm focal length is generally wide enough, though I sometimes need to step back more than I would like / stick my back against the wall in cramped space or in front of a very large group of people.

Getting an UWA (20mm or less) on my FF camera is appealing but:

- Expensive (more or less, depending of the model, and the cheapest is generally soft wide open outside of the center area)

- Big and heavy

- Swapping lens is time-consuming

Instead, I am thinking to acquire a small APS-C body (a6000 / a5100) with the tiny Samyang/Rokinon/Falcon 12mm f2.0:

- Around $500 total

- Small and light

- Always/instantly ready to shoot (hanging on my side for instance)

With the increased depth of field, it would compensate for the sensor lesser performance in high ISO, allowing me to shoot at f2.0 / ISO 1600 instead of f2.8 / ISO 3200 on FF for instance.

Lower dynamic can be worked around by leaving the APS-C body to AE bracketing drive.

I would also plan, under sufficient light, to set it to hyperfocal (let's say f8.0, focus around 1 meter) for quick grab and shoot when I want to capture the entire scene without caring about focusing right.


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