BIFs: Osprey w/Fish, Herons, Egrets, Parakeets + BNIFs (4/20)

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BIFs: Osprey w/Fish, Herons, Egrets, Parakeets + BNIFs (4/20)

It's been 4 days, so feels like time for another bird post!  All of the following shots, picking up from where my last post left off, were taken on a very very busy March 17th out at my local wetlands - these were all from Wakodahatchee Wetlands in particular.  Nesting, migration, last of the wintering birds...this is always the crush time for bird photography in S. Florida, and it's like a shooting gallery around here.  All of the shots here were taken in a roughly 2 hour period, most within roughly 3/4 square mile space.

I was shooting with Snapa on this day as well, as he was up to learn a little BIF shooting...Wakodahatchee is the place for that, for sure.  All shots taken with the A6300 and FE100-400mm GM combo - only one using the 1.4x TC in this collection, which I've noted in the description.  All shots are posted at 1400 pixels on the long side if you click the originals.

Starting with a lovely fly-by opportunity with an osprey, who had caught a nice fish to bring home for dinner...the light angle was perfect and he was headed in our direction, passing just about 35-40 feet away

I always love the intense concentration on the face of raptors when they are on the hunt or have their catch and are headed back.  Those talons are something scary - imagine if birds were still dino-sized where they could pick up people - they'd be a lot scarier than crocs or lions!

Parting shot as he flies off into the great blue yonder

The one shot with a teleconverter this thread - I had it on when I spotted this grey catbird deep in the forest.   ISO 5,000 needed in the lower light out of the Florida sun.  it's nice to get to see his rust-colored rump under the tail, which is often hidden when the tail is down

Some baby birds like ducks can be awfully cute.  Most baby birds though tend to be rather ugly.  Wood storks fall into that latter category...though some of us even find the ugly chicks cute in their own ugly cute.

A tricolor heron doing his jump-fly hunting routine.  He stands on the shore, watching for fish movement, then lunges out right over the water, flying just to keep him above the surface, plunging his head down as he moves if he thinks he can snag the fish

You can see here how he's 'running' across the water while flapping his wings, and has his neck in strike position

A lovely great blue heron flying inches off the water's surface

This green heron was stalking through the cypress knees along the shadowy shore, trying to find a sneaky spot to position himself for fishing - unlike the tricolor, the green heron is a patient hunter, sitting completely still sometimes for upwards of 30 minutes, bill pointed at the water

A strongly backlit cattle egret flying past - I like backlit BIFs for the wing glow, but even better with the cattle egret's colorful bill at mating season, which also lit up from behind

Tricolor heron in mating colors, banking around to head back to his nest

A cool sight and sound - a flock of noisy, colorful black-hooded 'Nanday' parakeets headed past in the clear blue sky.  You can usually hear parakeets coming long before you can spot them - they constantly cackle and screech as they fly

A great blue heron flying low and close with a watery background

This great blue heron was flying past the swampy foliage-covered shoreline for a different sort of backdrop

A tricolor heron, dropping down from over the treetops, and headed back to the nesting spot

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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