Nasty color bleed on pushed A7III RAW (compressed, silent shutter)

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Re: Nasty color bleed on pushed A7III RAW (compressed, silent shutter)

mrbenji wrote:

Mark2d wrote:

That looks to me like color from the out of focus foreground. I don't think it's a nasty color bleed. When you crank the shadow and highlights to 100% in LR they often have a sort of fringe look around the edges.

Ok... so is it caused by the lens, the camera, the settings, or LR? Note that the color bleed is clearly present even in the untouched RAW, cranking shadows & highlights only made it more visible.

The primary cause is framing/composition, with an OOF foreground object/figure partially obscuring (and therefore its OOF fringe partially overlaid on) the subject.

I think it's hard to argue that's not nasty enough to make the image unusable if this were a paid shoot.

Tough call. If it were a paid shoot, one of the things you'd have been being paid for is framing clear and unimpeded shots of the subject.

Notwithstanding that, there are things you could do fairly rapidly in PP to ameliorate the worst of the issue. E.g:

Reduction OOF fringe overlay effect on subject's right sleeve.

It's a bit less distracting, perhaps, although the composition is still not ideal. Whether an adjustment such as this would make a difference WRT the photo's usability no doubt depends on the intended purpose. ; )

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