My experience with the X-H1 so far

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My experience with the X-H1 so far

Is APS-C "just as good" as FF?  No way Jose.

I just finished PP some RAW photos that I took at a school open house, indoor no flash which is how I usually shoot and I shot at this same place a few months ago with the pentax K1.  To make this really really short, I got noise very quickly with my new X-H1 and it is very noticeable.  I'm actually very surprised at this.

Having said that, with a noise reduction touch up in LR is good to go and the images look pleasant of course, but man, the K1 I just sold simply SMOKES my new X-H1 when it comes to detail and cleaner IQ when boosting shadows and exposure in low light.  You simply cannot compare the performance of a FF sensor.

Whoever doesn't like noise and if your priority are cleaner images at higher ISO don't even bother with APS-C.  A new modern FF simply outperforms the smaller sensor, and honestly, by a lot.  The "technical" term of an advantage difference is  "one stop" or whatever, and let me tell you something, that's just a number, because when you actually see the difference with your own eyes it sure looks like more than one stop difference.

Having said that, I'm okay with this because my shooting requirements have changed drastically since I have invested In lights.  One thing that has blown me away about the X-H1 is the crisp and BUTTERY colors from the X-H1.  Oh my lord!  The stage I shot was lit with a yellow background and those colors look drop dead gorgeous.  Just fabulous.  I'm glad I'm back with Fuji and It was a pure delight to use the 16 and 35 1.4 lenses once again.  What a joy and what a HUGE difference to shoot with these prime lenses once again coming from shooting only a 24-70 for around 6 months.  What a difference and Fuji lenses are simply unbeatable and pure magic.

Jesus, having used the K1 for many months the XH1 feels three quarters lighter with the 16mm on it.  It really feels like a feather and a major relief.  AF performance is like day and night compared to the K1.  The XH1 totally smokes the pentax and Fuji prime lenses never disappoint.  Another major relief.  I'm really surprised at how fast and snappy the 35mm 1.4 AF has turned out to be on a new Fuji body and it is like day and night compared to the XT1.

At first the grip felt really weird but after only a few hours of using it I'm already getting completely used to it and the camera is just awesome.  This weekend I have a photoshoot and will continue to pay more attention to other details, bad or good.

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