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Re: CAUTION about tripod screw mounts

dontfret wrote:

The issue for me is the potential shock on the mount if the camera falls the length of the strap - the strong 1/4"-20 bolt is screwed into a socket that in turn is held to the camera frame by a couple of very tiny screws. Same thing would happen if dropping a tripod-mounted camera and there is a shock to the system.

An analysis of hanging camera and lens from sling strap on a tripod mount by Canon technicians.

and from another dpreview post:

Seriously, would you carry a 8 pound bowling ball around by a short 1/4-20 bolt that was attached to the ball with a couple of 1.2mm screws maybe 4-5mm in length because that's what you are doing. It's those tiny screws holding the thing on and not the 1/4-20 bolt.

Actually, it is a very good business for the repair guys. So keep using them so they can make their boat payment and stay employed.

Of course the Camera manufacturer is going to be very conservative and not suggest anything that may come back to bite them.

From a strength of materials point of view, people really underestimate the load carrying capability and strength of these tiny screws and sockets.  The applied loads are nothing compared to the actual strength of the these items.  The first item in your link showed extremely high loads being required to pull things apart.  If you have a 100 pound lens around your neck, you have other problems!

I have carried 6 pounds of gear around on a sling strap for years without any issues.

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