Nasty color bleed on pushed A7III RAW (compressed, silent shutter)

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Re: SONY steep short+wide optical projection to sensor is NOT the cause

PhozoKozmos wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

As I said, anyone with any similar camera/lens combo of any brand from any era could just as closely duplicate the effect.

nope. the op has Sony-sensor style blur-bleeding.

remember, lots of folks are taking better advantage of Sony's good DR, by shooting for RAW, but unfortunately, encounter sony's uncommon peculiarities, among which "blue flare" (on newer FF FE Bodies) is more noticeable than "blur-bleed".

Oh, I know there a number of peculiarities with Sony's E-mount designs ... but if you want to be believed about this one, probably all it would take is to show another clear example of that unique Sony-sensor style blur-bleeding so we can all compare it to the OP's shots (and to my examples) for ourselves.

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