Nasty color bleed on pushed A7III RAW (compressed, silent shutter)

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Re: Let's see the PSF

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SONY steep short+wide optical projection to sensor is cause (not file format related)

anything in foreground out-of-focus will have an expanded blurred ghost

but if it is projected at a very wide-angle onto a very close sensor surface, more of the ghost can be spread farther across more adjacent pixels and pick up the extra light

unlikely, file format related, as ooc (fine only) Sony jpeg paired with Sony RAW will exhibit same effect (regardless of compression or not, and mechanical shutter or not)

RAW, whether ARW or DNG will be same

one can call this effect, Sony wide-projection-on-sensor-bokeh, instead of shallow dof optical lens-bokeh

Thank you so much... this is the most helpful explanation yet.


It's possible to recreate the effect using adapted lenses, or even on a dSLR (where, in either case the angle of projection onto the sensor would be comparatively shallow).


no one disputes blur goes outside boundaries of oof subjects.

however, the extremeness of that blur bleed, can be better accounted for by high steep theta angles (extreme short convergence on a wider FF sensor too close)

exacerbated by thicker sensor stacks

both common on FF Sony mirrorless icl dcams

If what you are saying is true i.e. the blur "bleed" being accounted for by steep theta angles, then it must be evident in the point spread function (PSF) of a defocused point source. Can you point us to such evidence?


while others were distracted by "striping" defects in A7III sensor

they completely IGNORE the DEFECTIVE "blue" (flare) for white light sources that is all over outer third of fov for new A7III sensors

PLUS look at specular highlights on girl's leather jacket with unexpected BLUE with white light highlights

yet NO BLUE color light is present to shine on either models (biker guy n gal)

need no PSF "data" for something SO VISIBLE!!!

PLUS ... ANOTHER BLUE FLARE is visible on the "cute kid" photo ... supposedly fixing the striping defect ... where the white light (off-frame above) has the blue flare paired with it oudoors (even though the sun never should have patchy blue flares in any lenses)

thus, the blue flare defect is NOT lense related, but Sony sensor related ... steep theta plus thick sony sensor stack ... ouch


others testing new A7III, A7RIII, and A9, show a peculiar BLUE+RED flare effect at the pixel level ...

but red flares in images readily converge better with other colors, than blue flares ... so only blue flaring stand out on outer third of fov far more than at center of fov

this weird sony blue flare fx happens even to MSPS (multi-shot pixel-shift) images, too

this is a unique Sony sensor peculiarity

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