So much for smaller size and lower weight

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Re: So much for smaller size and lower weight

Mike CH wrote:

Peak freak wrote:

My point is, the Sony combo can be considerably smaller and lighter.

Only for a specific set of focal lengths below ca 40mm. Above that it's pretty much a wash, particularly when you say 'considerably'.

So that statement needs to be qualified.

I use my A7s with adapted manual glas, which makes the whole thing super compact. In terms of package size I can put the body plus 3-4 lenses into the same bag as the 5D4 plus a 24-70/2.8. These lenses go from 21 to 90 and are up to 2 stops faster than the f/2.8 zoom, and I can remove lenses to be even more compact.

Granted, then you throw away AF and other stuff. BUT you have that option. Manual focus with a modern DSLR? Ouch ... and I own Zeiss ZE lenses, which is the comfort option in that regard. And the flange distance makes most adaptions either problematic or just impossible.

May sidestep this comparison, but it's an option. That is the whole point.

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