Nasty color bleed on pushed A7III RAW (compressed, silent shutter)

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Re: ISO setting for files that need pushing

mrbenji wrote:

Magnar W wrote:

mrbenji wrote:

So... "underexposed" is being thrown around like it's an objective determination. Within reason, isn't it a matter of opinion whether I underexposed? I exposed for the highlights, so the blinds weren't completely blown out and so I could see how the shadows handled extreme recovery.

What happens when you brighten/pushes the shadows? The effect is the same as raising the ISO setting.

Ummm... no.

Boosting ISO w/o changing shutter speed or aperture does not do the same as shadow recovery... because it causes the highlights to brighten right along with the shadows and midtones. That was precisely what I was trying to avoid.

I exposed for the highlights, then recovered both highlights and shadows. If I'd badly clipped the highlights, highlight recovery would have been impossible.

My point is that you are brightening the shadows and mid tones.

Exposure strategy has to be weighted to the scene, and the technique you are using, like exposing at low ISO or benefit from dual gain ISO 640 stop.

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