Weird coloured bands in Milky Way photos with OMD-EM1

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Re: Weird coloured bands in Milky Way photos with OMD-EM1

PaulR1959 wrote:

Hi, I had my first attempt at some Milky Way photography a few days ago and the raw images have some worrying linear bands of colour in them across the frame. The bands run parallel to the long edge of the frame in either portrait and landscape mode.

I am using an OMD-EM1 with a 7-14mm f2.8 Pro lens. I have attached two samples, one landscape and one portrait (both processed a bit in Lightroom as original images were underexposed), shot at 2500 ISO, f2.8, 8mm, 20 sec with image stabilisation on and auto noise reduction on. To check if there is any issue with Lightroom I opened the raw images in Olympus Viewer but the bands still show up.
I can't see any problems with any photos taken with this lens in daylight (200 ISO) on the same SD card. I plan to try a different lens to shoot the night sky to see if I get the same behaviour.

Any thoughts or suggestions as to what might be causing this problem would be appreciated.



Canberra, Australia

Hi Paul,

Image stabilization should be turned off while shooting on a tripod, but I don't think that is your issue.

It may be some sensor noise/banding from the image being underexposed and then being boosted in post processing.  The exposure should have been sufficient.  Did you shoot in RAW or jpeg?  What was the ambient temperature like when you took the photos?

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