Can Olympus make a clean speedbooster to their FF lenses?

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Can Olympus make a clean speedbooster to their FF lenses?

Just a passing thought:

At a certain point m43rd lenses aren't proportionally smaller than their full frame counter parts. It's my understanding that full frame has a sensor 2x the size and so concentrating that light on a m43rd sensor would make a 2.8 lens the equivalent of 1.4 (ignoring what the speedbooster's glass eats up). I imagine that a 0.95 m4rds lens would be larger than a f/2 full frame lens. So far no company I know of made a clean 2 stop boost but if Olympus designed a speedbooster for m43rds and designed the lens it's boosting - is it possible?

The benefit is Olympus could start building up a catalog of full frame lenses without the pressure of launching  a FF camera and having to fill out a whole extra system quickly. They could go full frame at their leisure (should they want to , I know this is controversial). If they do decide to make a full frame camera, users can start at m43rds and will be encouraged to sample ff lenses without penalty because all the extra weight would earn its keep in f-stops. Once users own full frame lenses it's not that much of a stretch to buy the camera. It naturally motivates users to sample the full Olympus line up without regret.

I picture a EM-1.3 body that comes in two versions: Full frame and m4rds. Imagine these lenses:

FF 14-24mm 2.8   speedboosted = 7-12mm 1.4

FF 24-70mm 2.8  speedboosted = 12-40mm 1.4

FF 70-200 2.8   speedboosted = 35-100mm 1.4

FF  35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 105mm 1.4   speedboosted = ?

FF 70-400mm 4-5.6   speedboosted = 35-200 2-2.8

FF 24-150 f4   speedboosted = 12-75 f2

Don't forget the 2x crop factor is still present. I know Olympus once made fast 43rd glass like the 14-35 f2, 35-100 f2 etc. but I can't see them doing it again because it was a super expensive specialty item which was very large. Once buying lenses that expensive, really just go full frame. This way there's a much larger market and users don't wonder if they should just drop Olympus and go full frame if their buying such expensive, large, fast glass.

Is it possible? Even if so - is it a good idea? This is where the good people of Dpreview tell me all the things I never thought of or knew about.

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