I tried EM5 as a slide copier

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Re: I tried EM5 as a slide copier

I used the same lens on an E-M5 II to digitise hundreds of old family negatives. A mixture of 35mm colour and B&W, B&W medium format and large format. Also some APS film, which was terrible quality and faded badly.

I was pretty happy with the results, better than I'd got using a borrowed high-end Epson scanner with negative attachment. For some slides I just used in-camera HDR to cope with the dynamic range.

The B&W negatives from the 1950's and earlier had aged much better than the 1970's colour negatives.

Photography is so much easier now with autofocus, (mostly) accurate metering, clean high ISO and IS. I'll forgive my relatives the photos which are badly exposed, out of focus, or have motion blur and camera shake as they had none of those available to them.

I used this lightbox for the light source, it was pretty good:


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