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I am primarily a landscape photographer and I shoot entirely with Canon G7X, G7X III and recently G1X III. People assume I use a DSLR when they see my photos.


I don't think I will ever feel the need to invest in a DSLR - I like how small and compact the PowerShot range is and even the G1X III seems good value when you consider it has a sensor from a mid-range DSLR inside it. The limitations of a fixed lens are in my opinion less important when it comes to landscape photography since I usually shoot at 24mm equivalent and with higher f-stop apertures. I use a lightweight tripod designed for compact or mirrorless cameras which I use for most of my shots. I think the camera/lens and tripod combination weigh only 1.5kg!

You mentioned that you have shot with the G7X II and now the G1X III. Which one of these two do you like better? Does the photo quality seem the same or similar?

It’s hard to tell because the image quality of the G7X was very good. The extra pixels of the G1X make a difference for landscape photography. The G1X is stunning quality for portrait close ups at f2.8 but you need to be close to your subject.

On my website you can see which camera I used by looking at the image info.

Where on your website do you see the actual camera info? I looked but didn't see anything....

Click on full size images and there should be an info button in the bottom right corner of the lightbox.

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