**RESULTS**Mini Challenge-Moody Nights & Unusual Lights

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**RESULTS**Mini Challenge-Moody Nights & Unusual Lights

I've never done this before, and I wasn't sure how to integrate the winners into the original thread...so I've made another one and reposted the photos.  Hope I didn't mess anything up.

I loved so many of your great contributions, honestly it was very difficult to choose winners because they are all winners in my mind! It was also hard to decide how to fit photos into my originally stated categories...I should have done it a bit different, I think. And some photos actually fit in a couple of categories, so I had a hard time deciding where to place them.

The top 3 overall winners (at the bottom) were mainly based on my personal WOW reaction to the photo—impact, composition, color, how memorable they are.  They really stuck in my mind the most.

So going down this post,  I've listed the top three in each of the four sub-categories first, and then the overall top 3 winners are at the bottom.

Remember the #1 winner of this challenge gets to host the next challenge, judges the winner of that one, and on it goes. The winner  will have 48 hours to post the next challenge.

If #1 can't host the next challenge, message me immediately so I can let #2 know, and so on.



Category 1. Most dramatic photo using dark and moody light conditions:

1. DrHook

Major WOW factor on this one, incredibly moody and dramatic. Love the use of B&W.

2. Chaplain Mark

Very mysterious and dramatic....the moon is there, yet it's not defined, it just glows. I also liked the soft colors.

3. Twitchly

Great city shot and that sky with reflections on the water is fabulous. And to think this was from an iPhone....it did a great job to pick up the subtleties of the scene.

Category 2. Most Unusual Depiction of Light

1. Sueanne

This is seriously eerie, like looking through a frozen window.....and the photo made me feel cold looking at it! At first I didn't know what to think, but the blurriness makes it all look so cold, weird, almost creepy and definitely mysterious I also liked the squiggly lights in the windows. Very unusual approach to create the overall effect.

2. Twitchly

This photo makes me wonder about those lights are at the bottom of the trees—what are they? They almost look like little lit up windows in the trees, perhaps there are gnomes living there. And I like the angle shooting upwards into the tall trees.

3. JWIS206

Looks like Halloween. The photo just needs a bat or two!

3. Most impactful overall composition

1. yonny10

Very evocative shot....I can just imagine sitting in a chair by the river while the sun sets, with fishing done for the day. Very peaceful shot, too.

2. bmike

Now this is inventive! I love how you placed main part of the bridge in the center, with the two perfectly equal sides left and right, and the last bit of sunset (or sunrise??) on the right. This photo really draws you in and makes you feel like you are about to walk across that bridge.

3. HornOUBet

Love the glowing night colors, and this is a very different and unique way to view an old building. It gives a sense of the majesty of this structure.

4. Most impressive night sky/astro/night lights

2. bmike

Really nice astro shot....I liked this one best of all the astro photos you submitted because the stars are more visible in the sky, and great reflections of the sunset in the water.

2. Jay7h

I know you just submitted this as an exhibition, but I had to include it....I love this angry, moody sky with just a hint of the moon peeking from under the dark clouds. Lovely, moody shot.

3. HornOUBet

Great shot of this wonderful old building. Love the blue lights on it, and a great angle.

OVERALL WINNERS - To Host the Next Mini-Challenge



Just really beautiful, this photo made the most impact on me. I love the colors, the sense of icy cold temperature it conveys, and the light in the sky. I'd like to hang this on my wall! Total WOW factor for me.



This is a very striking and memorable photo, the colors, that glowing setting sun, the helicopter about to fly behind the trees. Why do I think of Vietnam war with this photo.... Wonderful.



This is just an incredibly powerful photo, and the use of B&W makes it more dramatic than it might have been in color.  Again, great WOW factor and an unforgettable photo.

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