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Trek of Joy wrote:

SilvanBromide wrote:

Trek of Joy wrote:

TorbenL wrote:

Also what's with a UHS-I slot in any of the newer bodies including the a9, a7r3 and now the a73.

Maybe I'm reading you wrong, but I'm happy there are UHS-I slots in there. I don't give a toss about UHS-II at this stage. When they come down in price, then I'll probably switch, but UHS-I is just fine.
Now, maybe you're referring to the fact that there's only UHS-II in one of the slots, and to that I'll agree that's a weird place to cheap out. Why prevent someone from writing to both slots if they're writing files that demand a UHS-II card. That's kinda dumb. There MUST be two UHS-II slots in the A7SIII. It could be only to force video pros onto the A7SIII while just giving people like me at least the option of shooting demanding video, but then just preventing me from using it professionally, i.e. writing it to two cards for safety.

UHS-II slots don't prevent you from using cheaper cards, but they do prevent you from utilizing the camera to its fullest potential...

Curious what you mean by this. In what way do UHS-II slots "prevent you from utilizing the camera to its fullest potential"?

I meant to say omitting them in one slot prevents you from utilizing the camera to its fullest potential. When I said "they" I was talking about Sony. What was in my head didn't quite come out when I was typing.

Thanks for clarifying.

I see what you meant now, and I agree.  : )

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