what is better for product photography ? nikon or Canon ?

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Re: what is better for product photography ? nikon or Canon ?

D Cox wrote:

dwalby wrote:

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abderrahmensa wrote:

i use a nikon d7100, i am a beginner in product photography, my company looking to improve our studio and they want to buy a better camera, what is better ? should we switch to canon ? if yes ? give me a model

If you're asking this question, then the camera is not the weak point in the system.

my thought exactly.

We all have to start somewhere, and product photography is not a bad way to learn photography.

my thought was more about

a) the business decision of choosing between hiring someone who actually knows what they are doing vs. letting an intern guess at it


b) having the intern come here and solve the problem by asking for a camera model number

My hope is that my leg is being pulled.

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