K1ii, First impressions and questions

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K1ii, First impressions and questions

Well I've had about a day and a half with the K1ii between having to tear myself away from time to time to actually work (that thing I have to do to help pay the bills) otherwise I have spent every moment playing with and setting up my new camera.

First thing I noticed taking it out of the box was that it was much smaller and lighter than I imagined. Here in the image below, I have it on a new Altura rapid fire camera strap and with the fa 50mm 1.4. I believe this is lighter than the k5 and 50-135, which is what I'm used to, so I think I'm good for now.

K1ii, fa 50mm 1.4, Altura camera strap (without grip for now)

After setting up menus and partially reading the manual, I proceeded to check and fine tune the lenses. To my surprise, all my lenses checked out fine in the focus chart. I don't know what to make of this but, I will take it. I also shot the 50-135 in full frame mode and to my surprise it's sort of usable, some cropping needed except at the long end it's 100 usable and it rendered beautifully. But for now, I will use the 100mm macro on k1 and take my time with making a decision for a portrait lens.

Not sure what to do about the AA filter. Right now I have it off, I lived with this for 8-9 years of k5 and I dont think I want soft images anymore but, advice is appreciated . I have the option to turn it to low? Not sure.

I figured out that flash sync speed is 1/200th sec. Not sure what the menu in camera has on those choices?

My fa31mm limited is acting flighty but, it's doing that on all of my bodies so I just have to figure that one out, may be my fstop. Want to check out some of the other auto focus settings too, almost always shoot single and select my point.

Feels very easy to navigate coming from K5 , now if I can only remember not to press the live view button instead of the review button - soon i hope. Also don't know if I will ever use the solid black button on top right display, everything I need is quick and easy to change or access.

Auto focus is snappy and locks fast. I used only one card and thought it wrote raw files very fast, now I have two cards and noticed it takes a little bit longer, nothing that I think will affect me. I have everything turned off except ca lens corrections.

White balance is the best I have ever seen in any camera I've had so far. I took a shot on auto wb and one with a custom wb and both looked great. The k1 is the first camera I feel I sort of trust with this, I will continue to set custom wb when I am using two cameras however, so that they can both match colors. Also, I can set it with about 1-2 clicks, instead of 7-8 clicks with k5.

I have a volunteer maternity session coming up and I will get real practice with the gear and I know I will have many more questions. For now I kind of have to lay low, I have totally ignored my poor husband for two straight days, bless his heart.

Pentax K-1 Pentax K-5
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