What could cause mirrorless to lose the long game to dslr

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Re: Radio is very much alive

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In 30 years video may have completely replaced photo. DSLR/ML may be a moot point. How many already profit from a YouTube channel? Have enough MP and one can snap a photo from it. How many cameras today not have video? 8k OLED displays will provide the option to have moving pictures on one's wall. The concept of a static image may one day not be the norm. Video killed the camera? Did kill the radio.

Of course, if people stop driving their own cars, that might change, but for now, Radio is something that almost everyone who drives a car listens to.

Good point. I was mostly thinking of being home and having replaced my old boom box with MTV and now YouTube. However, in my car. I listen to my phone or Pandora through my car radio but I rarely listen to actual radio broadcasts anymore. I guess for now that device will survive to transmit the new sounds.

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