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Re: SnapBridge ain't such a Snap

Les Kamens wrote:

Anyone out there have any luck with SnapBridge. I can't seem to connect. it won't pair.

I have been using an SD card reader for iPhone. ill get images out to publications with in a minute or so that way. But would like to have SnapBridge running in the background and not have to take a card out of camera.

It works, though the first-time process is tedious.

Try following the Nikon instructions carefully, step-by-step.  Keep in mind that you are establishing TWO connections:  1) Bluetooth (both camera and other device must be authenticated with the other) and 2) Wi-Fi (for transferring images).   (Hint:  you will only use "Connect to Smart Device" the first time).

It is possible to transfer full-size copies of images to your phone or tablet.  They just take longer to transfer, and use more storage on the phone or tablet.

It works for me every time now.  The only glitch I see is if you want to use a phone for a while, then switch to a tablet (or vice versa).  That seems to require starting over as if first time setup.

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